Friday, December 8, 2017

My Apologies to Jane

 Right before the cold knocked me out I was working on a new paper piecing project for the holidays.

 When I bought the new buffet last December I didn't have time to make a decent mini quilt to go with the table runner Daddio and I had made a few years ago.

This is a pattern I have used twice before and I think it makes a very nice poinsettia.

 This is the one I threw together last year. It is dreadful.

I used the scraps from this top that Daddio and I had put together from his massive Christmas fabric collection. As soon as the backing gets here, this one is going on the Juki next. I can't ruin it. It's already as wonky as it gets.

Poor Jane. She is sitting in the paper piecing box waiting patiently for me to get all this holiday frenzy out of my system. I kitted her up and then got nowhere. One day, Jane. I promise. In January.


  1. The poinsettia looks great! I love how you can whip these off! The Jane quilt will wait for you...I have made several projects that promise!

  2. Growing up as a child, I didn' tlike Poinsettias. Nows as an adult, I love them. They are pretty when sketched, knit, sewn, embroidered and IN PERSON

  3. Pretty poinsettias. Jane might be perfect for a New Year's Day start!

  4. The poinsettias are just beautiful! Your wonky, scrap quilt is just wonderful! I love scrap quilts and yours just looks so happy. Looking forward to seeing both of those projects when completed. Love seeing all your projects and always wonder how you manage to be so prolific. I think you must have a clone.

  5. You are amazing! I really like the poinsettia. I need to buy one yet. I have some silk ones around in my decorations but it's not the same as a real one. I hope you're feeling better my friend.

  6. you may have to swap those crocs out for boots if what we are experiencing here comes your way and I think it is. Brace could be a doozy. We got the white stuff.....I was not happy! LOL But if you like snow...and I think you do...then you're in luck.

  7. Jane can wait, there is too much to do. She wants your undivided attention. Love the poinsettias.