Monday, December 25, 2017

Season's Greetings

We are off to the Grands today. Yesterday I scrubbed my floor. Really scrubbed it. On my hands and knees. No tile left untouched. It's a Christmas Eve tradition that always give me a good case of the feels. I cry. I laugh. I sing along with Mitch. It's my connection to Christmas past when the family would gather here for dinner and general mayhem. I would clean for days.

I clean while the winter minestrone bubbles. We always do Italian on Christmas Eve.

Lasagna is traditional. Always was. Not sure why but it's what we do. It's just The Mister and me now but I still cook for a herd.     

I hung silver icicles on the tree since my tinsel was a bust. Amazon delivered them yesterday morning. Imagine that.

Peppermint martinis after dinner made us nostalgic.

We looked at photos of Christmases past.

The Santa puzzle got finished.

So did the poinsettia mini quilt.

And Daddio's wonky Christmas log cabin. It was just what I needed to snuggle under while watching A Christmas Story last night. No snow. Just rain but all was merry and bright.
Happy Christmas!


  1. What a full and busy day you had. That was a LOT of food for two people. Dennis loves minestrone and lasagna. I don’t dare show him your photos or I’ll be making both next week. :-). Love all of your finishes and hope you have a wonderful day with your Grands.

  2. Merry Christmas! Your quilts are beautiful!! Do, please, share a peppermint martini recipe...

    1. It's just half vodka and half peppermint schnapps over ice and strained with a crushed candy cane in the bottom of the glass. I rim the glass with crushed candy cane too and add a mini cane on the side.

    2. Yum!! I will be making that. Thank you.

  3. Merry Christmas! I, too am nostalgic for the days when the girls were small. I enjoy them as they are now, but oh for just one more snuggle with my little girls.

  4. You got so much done and are making atrip to see The Grands, well done you. Hope your Christmas was wonderful, Grands have a way of making everything special.

  5. Merry Christmas! We still have the mayhem Christmas Eve where we go potluck style and enjoy the little ones. Today was just cleanup and a bit of relaxing. Your italian tradition sounds great!

  6. Enjoy those grands! Merry Christmas, Deb!
    It's very snowy here which is very unusual.

  7. I love how it all came together for you; it looks like wonderful traditions were like hugs to you!

  8. I see you have your Christmas SOCKS on too!!!
    I think I was wearing the same kind.

    Glad you had a Merry Christmas --- now it's on to 2018!!!

  9. Oh I loved reading your Christmas Eve traditions! I wanted to hug you. Your soaps graced my Christmas Eve celebration and I had 3 of my guests ask if it was ok to use and 1 who thought it was edible. Surprisingly it was the marbled square one. She thought it was a piece of treat I left for myself in the cleaning corner. (We don't have a dishwasher, so I'm in the cleaning corner ... a lot)

    Your Santa puzzle came out fantastic and I am committing to a jigsaw in the apartment at some point in 2018.

    That photo of your Christmas socks peeking out of the beautiful Christmas quilt is fantastic. I wonder if I could get my mom to make me a Christmas quilt ...

  10. I love your Christmas quilts! Beautiful work! Your lasagna and minestrone soup look so delicious! God bless you both in 2018!