Monday, December 18, 2017

Sticks and String

 In addition to all my holiday endeavors there has been knitting going on. It's of the frantic variety as the clock ticks down to the New Year. I hope to finish something by then.

 The new shawl is only this big. It is my late night knit and I fall asleep after a couple of rows. I can't wait for the morning I wake up tangled in it.

Speaking of tangles, my main yarn obsession at the moment is making mini skeins out of all my leftover sock yarn. Note I don't have one made but I do have a few handfuls of yarn barf and the mini niddy noddy in the basket ready to go and waiting patiently for whenever I can find some quiet time to just sit and wind.

As for the bathroom remodel, we had a setback this week. We were squaring and leveling everything in anticipation of starting the wall tile when we noticed the area behind the headrest of the tub didn't look quite right. The tub had also developed a nasty squeak in that vicinity so that whole sheet of cement board had to come out. Tomorrow we will try and figure out what went wrong. Oh, bother....


  1. The knitting would call me over the bathroom-oh, bother is right! The basket of yarn and the mini skein winder is very appealing-wind away!

  2. Oh MINI Skeins!!! I have to keep knitting during all seasons t keep my head on straight! It calms me.
    Oh uh We ALWAYS had remodeling issues in the OLD 100 year old chicago house. Nothing was straight, I get it

  3. Home reno ...............never fun.

  4. So sorry about the bathroom setback! Best to figure things out at this point, though.
    Your shawl is a beautiful color! I have one in progress that's about that size as well.
    "Yarn barf"! I love it and that expression might just keep me laughing to myself all day!

  5. Ooh, I love the basket of leftover sock yarn - such beautiful colors.

  6. Just look at all those socks and sock yarn. I didn’t even know they made mini niddy noddys. I’m trying to decide what to do with all of my leftover sock yarn. I’ve thought about just making some stash socks or maybe I should just stick with my cozy memories blanket. Decisions decisions. So sorry to hear the bathroom project has stalled. Home improvement projects never seem to go smoothly do they?
    Blessings, Betsy

  7. Oh dear on the bathroom! That red shawl will be so beautiful!!

  8. I'm sorry about the remodel setback. It will work itself out I'm sure.

    I have a basket of sock ends like that. (I also have a drawer shh.) I can't deal with that right now.

    I've got 2 projects I need to get going. and done in a week. send best wishes ;)

  9. Hang in there on the bathroom remodel; it'll be worth it! I'll bet all of us have lots of sock leftovers and good intentions for using it. Love that shawl you're working on...and the yarn is? Hope you finish it all!

    1. Lion Brand Homespun. I hate knitting with it but love its squishiness.

  10. I'm so impressed that you are doing your own remodel. Keith can do that kind of work, but he doesn't like to.

  11. I think my husband and I would be divorced if we tried to do a remodel all by ourselves. I give you two a lot of credit.