Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Left Behind

The poor loom has been sharing the soap room since we upended the house to tear up the bathroom.

I have this warp all ready to go but there is just too much of a mess in the way with all the soap packaging to get comfortable enough with it to move it to the loom. That's scary business.

I would have been more motivated if I had a need for holiday towels but look what I pulled out of the bin. I had forgotten I had been on a weaving frenzy last year to get these done. The last thing I need is more Christmas towels-but something new for the New Year might be nice.

I also want to thank Karen for this lovely surprise package that showed up yesterday all the way from Wisconsin. It's a yummy chocolate bar and a beautiful batik covered journal. Both are much appreciated and will be put to very good use. Thanks so much!


  1. Mail surprises are always fun. Mmm to chocolate bars! and i love your holiday find of towels from last year!!!

  2. Your Christmas towels are lovely and I'm glad you have enough, but I do enjoy watching those weaving towel projects come together. I see the colors you choose, then to see their final outcome is always so fun! Our family is enjoying chocolate every day now, thanks to an Advent Calendar and a German package from my Mom!

  3. Your towels are fantastic. Never in my wildest weaving dreams could I make something that wonderful. Enjoy that chocolate.