Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wonk, Wonk

 I looked over at my little mini quilt stand and noticed it still had the fall thing on it. I also remembered that Daddio had a stash of already cut pieces just waiting to be quilt.

 In a one hour window where I had nothing to do before I took off to the rink on Sunday I threw together a tiny quilt using all Daddio's wonky cut squares. He was really struggling at the end. It was one thing to take the car keys away from him but another thing to take away the rotary cutter.

I just zig zagged it. No time for real quilting.

Oooops....I forgot the tabs to attach it to the stand. Afterthought worked.

 Maybe not. They are not even. Oh, well they seem to work with the overall wonkiness of it. I'll fix them another day.


  1. I. Love. It. It's perfect and will always be a memory of your Dad. I can't believe you made it so quickly.

  2. It's darling! Love all the Christmas squares...very festive! I miss seeing all your dad's quilting. Hope he's doing ok.

  3. I have to tell you - I LOVE it! It's Christmas-y, it's real, and it's special. I would leave it just the way it is. :-)

  4. Perfect! His life is a bit skewed right now so it is just right because you used his quilt blocks! It's a happy memory now!

  5. I love it and especially love that it was made from your Daddio's "wonky" squares. Wonderful!

  6. Awww The fact that your dear dad cut squares is awesome. Hug him for me. Mom was sweet last night. Very hard to follow with language but her smile said it all. No matter how jumbled she still says an appropriate and understandable "Thanks for coming for a visit" as she would when she lived at her home..

  7. I like it and I think the wonkiness of it is perfect, remember he was not perfect at cutting near the end, the quilt should be just how he cut it.