Saturday, December 24, 2016

Holiday Hits and Misses

 I cried yesterday in the grocery store. Seriously bawled because no one had mince this year. Jarred or even in pie form. NO one had any anywhere and after going from store to store all week I as all done in. As a last ditch effort I went into a Weiss by Daddio's nursing home and found....a frozen mince pie. Hallelujah. Bless you Mrs. Smith. Of course I dropped it in the driveway and broke the crust to smithereens but who cares. I have my mince pie for Christmas breakfast.

 I also couldn't find any mixed nuts for my nut bowl. I had to make do with almonds. Even worse, I came up empty handed with spumoni ice cream-always a holiday staple for me.

 In a last minute switch I had to sub Halos for more traditional tangerines because the darn code on my tangerines wouldn't work in the self checkout. Grrrr....this wasn't my week at all for shopping. Don't even get me started on finding presents for the Grands. That's a long rant in itself.

 I DID get the Santa puzzle done. It was a perfect pastime for my addled brain. Note to self: do more puzzles.

 I also couldn't believe my eyes when the latest Flavia De Luce book was still on the shelf at the library. Sweet. I'll be curled up on the couch with this if anyone needs me this weekend.

 The Christmas socks made it past the heel. Further than I thought given the amount of time I spent bawling in grocery stores this week instead of knitting.

 I also treated myself to this adorable snowman stamp after opting out of the January card kit. It featured snowflakes and last January was snowflakes. I need snow folk for next year's cards.

 I finished December with time to spare. I decided not to do the red striping on the wings.

 Now to find color matches to finish the border.  Of course the floss from the two extra kits I bought don't match. Of course.

Finally, in a surprise move, I did finish the towel that was living on the loom. It is really beautiful. You can't tell in the photo but it almost has a gradient quality.
Happy holidays everyone!
See you on the other side of Christmas!


  1. Love your Angel! Waiting for the new year's project. As for the border, if you do the bottom in one of the red colors, I would say the one that is darker, it may seem that it was Intentional - one darker side of the border.

  2. So much I love about this post. Of course I didn't log ethta your friend din the grocery my friend. I'm sorry for your frustrations. But I adore angels and snowmen. I collect both so I did enjoy seeing yours. My favorite color is purple so I love your loom goodness. And finally, I'm so happy you have your mince pie for Christmas morning. Merry Christmas!

  3. I'm glad you at least found your mince pie! Who cares if it's broken, you're gonna enjoy it anyway. :-)

    I hope your Christmas weekend is quiet and happy. Take care.

  4. I wish I'd known you were looking for mince. We don't eat it, but it's been everywhere. I could have met you somewhere and done a handoff!

  5. Mince pie is my favorite too and I can never find it either! Love all your finishes. I'm impressed with the puzzle finish. Wow! I don't know how you manage it all.

  6. You're accomplishing far more than I have! I've barely left the couch these past few days (except to go to traffic court... at least I won!)
    The flu is kicking my butt, but when I'm better, first thing I'm doing is making a mince pie!

  7. It's been fun watching your stitching progress through the year! Really a beautiful project but then all your projects are amazing! Have a peaceful Christmas!

  8. Look at all you have got done even with the store episodes. I have cried myself in the darn store. It it this season, it will suck the life out of you. On that happy note, Merry Christmas.

  9. Can't wait to see the finished cross stitch. Been watching progress for 2 years. Happy holidays

  10. Love, love, LOVE that color combo you did on your towel. Wouldn't those colors make GREAT socks????

    Would you like me to check my old DMC stash for the right color shade let me know. You could let me know the color # and if I have an old one, send a snippet of what you need. I have a bunch of the old stuff and maybe it would match up.

  11. Nice job on the towel and the cross-stitch!
    Maybe you can do some knitting on the socks on the way to Christmas family time!
    Merry Christmas to you !

  12. Oh dear. IM sorry about the mince meat pie!!! Your towel and the lovely December stitching are delightful. Al wants to learn to embroider and I got her the Purl Soho sampler kit for beginners