Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I got jolted out of my holiday doldrums by the arrival of the latest edition of my towel of the month club. It's not really monthly. It's sort of every once in a while which is nice because it takes me forever to finish anything on the loom.

Speaking of the loom, it's still got the last towels on it. I have been putting on a few rows here and there but getting pretty much nowhere.

I've got less than ten inches to go but as usual I am dragging my feet. I hate to finish things when there is nothing to put on the loom. I can't get out the warping board until after the holidays so I am at an impasse.

On a more interesting note, look at what I got in the card from one of my card swap buddies. Nice, right? I do like a pretty stitch marker.

I was just finishing up dinner last night when I heard the UPS truck backing down the long driveway in the dark. Look what showed up from Vera! Mmmm....yummy flavored coffee, a sweet notion pouch and a lovely star. How great is that?
Thanks Vera! You are the bestest!


  1. Such sweet stitch markers! You had a lovely mail day too!

  2. Such a beautiful package from Vera. That was very thoughtful of her. I do like the towels you have on your loom now. My favorite colors. And the stitch markers are just gorgeous. I love pretty stitch markers too.

  3. Your towels are lovely! You keep reminding me that Ialso need to dress my loom with smth beautiful.

  4. It will be nice to have the towels to play with after the holidays!

  5. Love those stitch markers....they remind me of cats eye marbles. Flavored coffee is a pretty yummy gift too. Lucky you!

  6. Great gift surprises. THey are the BEST. ZaCh showed us a photo he took of a woman weaving in Mexico. Such an old craft .

  7. I think that's my favourite towel so far.

  8. You deserve any treat you get, love the new kit.