Friday, December 9, 2016

Tea Time

 The Mister found me two bottles of the elusive White Christmas. I need it for fruitcake basting...and other things.

 Like hot toddies. It's excellent in a cup of hot, sweet tea. That blankety blank Polar Vortex is headed our way again this weekend and I'm not happy. Cold here means 40 degrees not 20-or worse. Ugh.

 The Mister will be leaving today and won't be back until Sunday. He has 97 year old mom duty while his brother is off to Florida. I'll have time for plenty of hot toddies and knitting, I hope. I'm planning to plant myself on the couch all weekend. I've started the Ghazal cowl with my chain plied handspun.

 Somehow this week I managed to finish the first lace panel of the Nirmal...whatever shawl.

I've also got all 300 stitches ripped out and cast back on for, er. Darn, I can't remember what this project is called either. I need a few more rows of ribbing before I tackle the first color chart.  I better stay away from the hot toddies with this one. I'll need all my wits about me.


  1. The colors on your cowl are my high school colors! Go GOLDEN BEARS! LOL

    Enjoy those toddies!

  2. I cannot mix knitting and alcohol. Maybe if it were straight stockinette. But even that would be a risk.

  3. Pretty cowl. Hot toddies sound perfect...actually I would have enjoyed one this morning when it was 25 on my patio.....

  4. My german grandparents had a hot toddy every night in the winter on the farm in Nebraska. When the winds howled it was very needed. Yesterday it was 2F on our deck when I woke up. I haven't been brave enough to look today because it's bad enough I see snow flying when I look out the front window. I detest snow. It gets in the way of all my plans and it's COLD. I started the Project Peace Cowl Wedneday. Small needles and I've had lots of interruptions so it's not going very fast. I'm seven days behind because I didn't find out about it until Nancy posted and it started the first. Oh well. I'm enjoying the process.
    Stay warm and enjoy!

  5. I just bought the Ghazal cowl, thanks for the idea; I need a carrot to hold out so I finish the cursed vest. (I'm close) I love the colors of your handspun yarn-it will be a perfect cowl for you! Enjoy your home alone weekend! Sounds lovely....

  6. Im determined to keep at the HO HO HO socks until they are done. I so want to cast on another pair of socks. ENJOY your quiet time. It is to be relished!

  7. SO jelly of the White Christmas!!! I'll send my daughter out and about to try and score some of the elusive libation!! SO cold here too...warming up for the weekend,then back to the deep freeze. Enjoy your "me" time!

  8. When I saw this blog post all I could think was "Comfort and Joy" -- Comfort from the hot toddies and Joy from the knitting!

  9. I hope you had a wonderful time recharging your batteries with yummy drinks and fun knitting.