Wednesday, December 21, 2016


 The last few days have been perfectly cold. I say perfectly because I like our usual cold weather with a high in the 30's and lots of sun. It's good dog walking weather and good knitting weather so I finally have some progress to share. It doesn't look like much but I have the first two colorwork pattern rows on the ill fated Eponomuff cowl. This time it all lined up just right. Yay. Me.

 I put one more repeat on the Ghazal Cowl. I have no idea how DH got hers done so fast. I find it a fun knit but a slow one. Maybe it's just this old brain. I dunno.

 Thanks to Kathy B I had to go count my sock stash. Look what I found. Something unusual. I had to see what it looked like so...

....the next thing I knew I had two more socks on the needles. That's six at the moment. I find socks stress relieving and I find the holidays stressful so it's a good thing. Four days and counting. I can't wait to get this Christmas in the books.


  1. Those are all beautiful projects. I just have one pair of socks on the needles, well I guess one sock, because one is done! For some reason I'm not finding them very relaxing right now though. Enjoy your holidays my friend. Blessings, Betsy

  2. Happy Winter Solstice. I love the sunny cold days too and am hoping to get some walking in over the next few days. Your projects are all beautiful.

  3. The best part of stash-diving is finding old friends in there! lol The socks look great-I love the little Fair Isle stripe!
    I don't know how I got it done because I usually don't like to make scarves even if they are going to be a cowl! The Lionberry shawl is beating me down, if that makes you feel better! Ha!

  4. Your hat is looking great. I know it's worth sticking with projects, but sometimes it's hard!
    I have at least 4 sock projects OTNs. I just can't resist all the beautiful sock yarn!

  5. Good work all around. Merry Christmas!