Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Making Merry Part Two

 The Mister and I had the day to ourselves on Christmas so after a huge breakfast we took a long stroll along the beach.

 It was a spectacular day.

 No snow in sight for this guy's sled this year-lots of fog though on Christmas Eve. On the long scary ride home from visiting the Grands I expected to see Rudolph fly by.

 The boardwalk looks deserted here but there were actually lots of fellow walkers-and lots of kids on new bikes.

 All the benches have memorial plaques and are decked out for the holidays.  They certainly are a good reminder of how fragile life is. I can almost see the ghost of Christmas Future pointing at one with my name on it. Brrrr....

 We stayed out so long Pup got pooped and hitched a ride in Old Doggies's stroller. For once I wasn't the only weirdo with a pup stroller. A very barky pup went by in a rather fancy one. It really was doggie day at the beach. I've never seen so many out and about.

 Yeah, we're those kind of people. I was laughing at  a couple doing this with their dogs and then suddenly it seemed like good idea. Say cheese.

 Back at home a pitcher of peppermint martinis was waiting.

Christmas was officially over when we picked up some Chinese food and settled down in front of A Christmas Story.

Well, almost over. I had almost forgotten the plum pudding that I had steamed that morning. I always forget how good they are until I take that first bite. I make my hard sauce with very boozy eggnog and it is really, really good. I didn't however find my little plastic holly for the top until this morning. Boo....
Oh, well...Christmas 2016 is officially in the books. Now to pack it all away. I can't let it linger. Once it's over, it's over. On to New Year's!


  1. Love your weather. Seems so warm.

  2. I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas day. I'm like you ....Christmas is over, let's put it AWAY! LOL

  3. sounds like a fun Christmas Day. I just said that I wanted to make a plum pudding next year. It was always a staple but some how it lost favor. I'd like to know your hard sauce recipe, if you wouldn't mind. I have given all but one little tin of cookies away and the tins are clean. Time to get back to normal, as in weight control! Have a happy new year Deb.

    1. Powdered sugar and spiked eggnog. The kind you get at the liquor store. I just mix the eggnog in slowly until it gets creamy.

  4. That looks lovely! I'm glad that pup had a good time too. :-)

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed the day! I was ready to put the stuff away yesterday and my mister was aghast! Sorry, it is going today. (His mom used to leave it up until Jan 6 for some Catholic day, I forget, but not me! He has been with me longer; get with the program!!!)

  6. What fun! Love the doggy in the stroller - lol. We took a long walk by a lake - it was nice, but a little chilly. Yum plum pudding - have not had that in years!!

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. I still find it strange to have Christmas without snow, but strolling along the water sure would be nice.

  8. We were that kind of dog loving folks too. I love it. I think it is wonderful and there is nothing at all wrong with it. Im on to New years too. Took the christmas dishes and some decor down yesterday. I think I'll take the tree down on New years eve when theres lots of funny things going on on tv. I spent alot of yesterday crying after Al left. Zach leaves today......thank God for yarn therapy and bloggy pals

  9. Your day sounds delightful. It was waaaay too cold for us to be out walking here but otherwise a similar day with just the two of us. We watched Hallmark movies on T.V. In the afternoon and evening. I prefer having our kids here, but all in all, it was okay. I need to get busy and start putting things away soon too.

  10. I'm the same way. Once it's done it needs to get packed away. You have such a pretty spot to walk in. What a beautiful day for it too. Love all that blue sky!