Friday, December 23, 2016

Holiday Ramblings

 There is no point to this post other than we are days away from the big day and I'm trying my best to make merry. An eggnog taste test helps. I've bought two brands and am not in love with either of them but that's not stopping me from taking a nip now and again-and again.

 I made cookie dough.

 I kept it in the fridge and made a few cookies here and there when the mood struck me. It took a while. I am in my usual holiday funk.

Nothing fancy. Just the usual. The sugar cookies are awful. I really think I forgot the sugar. Gosh.

 Look at what just arrived in the mail. Liza sent me this. She made it herself. It's crocheted and it is beautiful! I am hooky challenged so I can really appreciate the work that went into it. I am in serious awe.

I love little shoulder shawls in the winter and this one is just perfect- warm and cozy. It sits so nicely where it should.
Thanks Liza! You too are one of blogland's bestest!
Happy holidays everyone...Hmmm, I think that eggnog is doing it's trick. I almost feel merry!


  1. Gingerbread men look festive, better than walking ginger dead -
    Althought mine sometime look like that unintentionally.

  2. Beautiful gift of the shawl. That was really sweet. I'm kind of in a funk too, but mostly because I'm missing my kids and it's no ones fault but my own for having these health "issues". I'm really trying to enjoy the reason we celebrate though. Merry Christmas my friend.

  3. Just be who you ar this time of year! The shawl is a beauty-you will enjoy its double warmth!

  4. I haven't even started cookies yet! Maybe sugary frosting could save your sugar cookies. I'm known for leaving out key ingredients.

  5. Those cookies are for us diabetics. LOL Low sugar!!!! Really though --- maybe Caffeine Girl's suggestion would help.

    Hope, that in spite of the cookie, you have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. I think you are on to something Deb! Sugar cookies without the sugar. I could probably have many more that way! and less points. See you are genius. I had a little funk funk this morning for no good reason at all. Im always better in the cozy evening. I have everything to be thankful for! Sometimes I feel like I have to MAKE everyone's Christmas. That's just not so. We all must contribute. Hugs to you dear one.

  7. When I tried to make cookies the other day I found that my butter was actually curdled - not out of date but really gross!!
    I'm so glad you like the shawl!

  8. I think I need some of that eggnog... this flu is kicking my butt!

  9. The shawl is gorgeous! Lovely gift. I'm ready for eggnog! Hope you have a joyful Christmas.

  10. That beautiful shawl would pull me out of my funk. Maybe I need eggnog? Merry Christmas!