Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Soap: Gone With the Wind

Thursday night I put on my newest in my collection of holiday movies and sat down to get soap ready for my Friday afternoon lunch with the ladies.

 I had cut most of my holiday bars into halves so I could stuff a sampling in those cute little boxes I made last week.

 I discovered though that they would all still need some trimming to get into the box.

I had a nice pile of scraps left when I was done.

Three fit nicely. It was good to have that work out.

Now that the soap was in the box I had to figure out how to label it. Hmmm...

That works. It's not terribly classy but it'll do.

I had quite a bunch when I was done. We were expecting twelve for lunch.

When I was done I played with stamping up some plain white boxes. I saw someone do this on You Tube. Cute, right?

 The next morning I labeled some lotion bars for everybody. My new snowflake mold fit perfectly in the tins.

I had also made several pans of fizzies over the past few days and I wrapped up the last of them that morning too. These were peppermint.  I didn't bring too many because I had brought some to our last lunch and I wasn't sure if anyone really liked them. Apparently they did. In fact, I came back with nothing. They took it all and even some soap leftover from the summer I had brought. I didn't make nearly enough holiday soap. I've got precious little left and lots of gifting still to do. I'll have to remember that for next year.

Having said that, I did keep a bit aside for a holiday giveaway. You know the routine. If you want to enter message me on Raverly (I'm Araignee) and I'll see what surprises I can come up. Tell me what winter holiday you celebrate and if you have any allergies. 
Happy holidays!


  1. My goodness you are a generous soul. What wonderful boxes of goodies. When do you sleep?

  2. There will be a bunch of happy ladies on Friday!

  3. How beautiful everything looks! What a great gift to one and all!

  4. YOu are amazing, the soap is beautiful. I was at a craft show recently and they had the ends of their soap all bundled up with ribbons, they were adorable and were selling fast.

  5. The boxes are adorbs!!!! Im sure the friends were thrilled with all of it!

  6. I just dvr'd "The Man Who Came to Dinner"! It's one of my favorite Christmas movies along with "Little Women" (with Kate Hepburn) and "The Bishop's Wife"! I really cannot imagine how you fit in everything that you accomplish - it is an inspiration!

  7. Your lunchmates must have been blown away by these cute packages with homemade goodies. Lucky ladies!

  8. Your presentation boxes look adorable! I can't believe how much work you put into all of them ...they are so much fun and I know the people that get them feel blessed.

    I have to ask .....when you are MAKING the soap does it smell good? Or is it "chemical" smelling. I know they sure so smell good when you are done.

    1. It smells good. I have to remind myself not to take a taste sometimes because it looks just like cake batter.

  9. Damn. You have been a busy Santa's Helper. I love the gift boxes for the beautiful soaps. They definitely look fun and seasonal! I don't know what you're talking about with that whole classy bit, Your production is looking more professional each time I see it. Really fun stuff.