Sunday, December 11, 2016

Home Alone

This is what I planned on doing all weekend.

 But there was a hitch in my plans.

 In fact, there were six-actually ten if you count the outside kitties. They all had a different idea about how I should spend my time.

  Feed me.

Scratch me.

 Play with me.

Keep letting me in and out because I keep forgetting it's cold outside.
It was so cold one of the outside kitties decided to spend the night inside but decided to howl about it into the wee hours. Phooey.
I need a vacation from my vacation.


  1. Geez .... you just can't please some kitties. LOL

    Outside kitty is quite a handsome kitty.

  2. They do have a way of keeping you hopping. We had about 6 inches of snow last night. We've been "Sophie sitting" a little tiny toy poodle while her Mom and Dad are on a cruise. She did NOT want to go outside to go potty because the snow was deeper than she is tall! She would go to the door, I would get up, to let her out. She would see the snow and refuse to go out. Repeat every half an hour until I finally carried her out to the middle of the yard and plopped her down. After she did her business I carried her back inside. Brother!!!!

  3. LOL...With Three cats and a dog...I totally GET it!!!!

  4. Ha! I live this life with the kitties! They act like they are starving! I hope you have some down time today!

  5. Oh well best laid plans and all that. I'm glad everyone is fine!

  6. Treasure them. I miss mine now.

  7. Your package arrived yesterday and OMG! I can't believe how amazing your soaps/lotion/milk bath are -- and how beautiful the packaging is. Thank you SO much!
    I see that there are some advantages to indoor cats -- but scooping isn't one of them.

  8. You do need a break! Tyg is in more than normal now and consuming a HUGE amount of food.

  9. We all need a vacation from our vacations! Whenever my husband went away when my boys were younger one of them would get really, really sick. I am talking pneumonia near hospitalization sick. It never failed.

  10. Hope you at least got a tiny bit done despite all the competition!

  11. I know they can be demanding, but oh those faces deb!