Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Big Thanks!

Yesterday morning I went to the mailbox and found a big surprise. I hadn't gotten the mail on Thursday because it was too darn cold and windy to walk all the way up there. All these trees become weapons of mass destruction when the wind blows.

 In the mailbox I had a box of treats from Momolake who's all the way up in Wisconsin. Look at that needle gauge. Isn't that the greatest? It's from the Green Mountain Spinnery. sweet. I've got a new guardian of the fleece.

Mmmm....I could eat my weight in these. They bring back such happy Christmas memories of when I used to take the kids to the Lindt store for teacher presents.
Thanks so much Momolake. You are the bestest!

 On the morning of my birthday the brave UPS guy made it all the way down our long driveway with a package that contained this little goodie. Mmmm.....chocolates filled with Kahlua need I say more? Thanks Sandflies! You too are the bestest of the best along with everyone who sent me birthday wishes yesterday. They were most appreciated.

It wasn't much of a surprise because I had asked for it but when The Mister came home last night from mom duty he brought home this ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. This used to be an annual tradition for all family birthdays but we don't live near anyone that sells them anymore. His mom does so I got a blast from the past. He got an hour long freezing car ride home in order to keep it frozen. Tee hee.  From here 63 didn't look too bad after all until.......

...I got a call from #1 Son whose birthday happens to be today. He is 39. Now THAT makes me feel old. Good golly!


  1. Sounds like your birthday wasn't so bad at all! Here's to a wonderful new year!!!

    When I first saw the birthday cake...I thought --- OH! That's a pretty soap. LOL

  2. Wow! You hit the jackpot on birthday goodies. Lindor chocolates, especially the blue wrapped ones, are my favorites. And that little needle huge is wonderful. Your Hubby is a keeper, driving all that way to keep your cake frozen. He would have no trouble here tonight as it's -6F and plummeting quickly!

  3. What a lovely birthday after all!

    I was amazed when I realized a few years back that my nephew was turning 40 ... :-)

  4. Yea! for a Happier Birthday than you expected! Such treats!

  5. Christmas time mail goodies are the BEST. As you know from being an elf yourself. Im happy you were surprised by dear friends. That needle checker is amazingly cute

  6. Omg! Kahlua filled chocolates.....there goes my night! I have nothing here that can even come close to that and I simply won't be able to get that picture out of my head. So envious! LOL You deserve it all. Enjoy!

  7. Nothing like a few packages of love to make your day! Glad you are sounding a bit more rested! The needle gauge is beautiful!

  8. What wonderful and fun goodies. Yum ice cream it. Glad the Mister got home ok and glad your birthday turned out ok.

  9. That's funny; I had the same thought as Dee when I first saw your cake. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Love your new little guardian of the stash.

  10. Your birthday looks very yummy! Happy Birthday to you and your son, how lovely to have a son who calls. So sad but not everyone does!