Sunday, December 18, 2016


 Holy smokes. I almost forgot about my Christmas puzzle. I've been putting this together every December since who knows when.

 In the past few years it's been a bit more complicated because of kitties. They like to eat the pieces. Daddio made strips out of his vast supply of Christmas material that we wove into a rug a few years ago and it has become my puzzle cover. It's a nice memory.

 I got the border done last night.

 But there's a lot left in that box. It won't get done before Christmas this year but since I'm not hosting who cares if it lives on the table for like forever.


  1. You have a lot of traditions for each holiday. I gave up many of mine this year for various reasons. The biggest being that it's only the two of us this year and it just doesn't seem worth it. I just haven't felt well enough to put out the effort. Sad, isn't it? I should be ashamed of myself...but I'm not. Sometimes you just have to realize limitations and accept it. And now I'm talking to myself. Ha! I hope you're staying warm and safe over there with all of the ice.

  2. Working on a puzzle during the Holiday season is brilliant. Sounds like the perfect way to bring calm to an otherwise stressful time. My Lilly Bean would never leave it be though. Sigh

  3. Gosh, we used to do puzzles e ery year at Christmas. I had forgottenough all about that. Perhaps i'll dig one out of the closet. Love your puzzle cover.

  4. Good luck on your puzzle! We have a couple of Christmas ones stashed away, and as I recall both of them are missing a piece or two. They bring back memories though.

  5. What is it with kitties and paper things. Giroux has eaten a sheet of tissue paper and a luggage tag so far this evening.

    He is VERY interested in Stephen's luggage and wow! IT HAS TAGS TO CHEW!

  6. Really where do you find the time, a puzzle? Yikes I can't even find the time to sit still. But then again you can squirm while putting a puzzle together so maybe I will get one out!