Saturday, December 3, 2016

ISO Red Among Other Things

I've been in love with red sweaters since forever.

There is just something so cozy about them.

Every time Elizabeth showed up in hers I made a note to make one. I made three. They were all terrible.

I am still being taunted by the elusive red sweater. Thanks for all the suggestions. I am still mulling over my options. I am taking my time because I don't want ugh number four on my conscious.

While I am waiting for inspiration I just might pass the time casting on this. If you are a Gilmore fan you might recognize Paris Geller's scarf from the winter episode. It's already on Ravelry thanks to its actual design team and you can find it here. You can even get the kit which would be a real squeeeeeee....if it weren't so darn expensive.

But wait....Rory's scarf along with her matching hat is also from the same design team and is also available. many choices.


  1. I seriously think that I'm the only knitter in the world that has never seen Gilmore Girls...and I don't have Netflix so I seem to be out of luck. So sad.

    1. You can watch it on regular cable TV too if you don't mind commercials. Here it is on the UP channel and they play several episodes a day.

  2. I get so excited when I see a handknit on any program we are watching! My husband has even gotten in on the 'I see a handknit!' spotting club!!! I hope you land on the right sweater soon!

  3. I know you will knit the perfect red sweater some day! The TV stars wearing handknits is wonderful for all ofus!

  4. I understand your struggle. I am still in need of the perfect red sweater. I have made two... I do love them both, but they are not thee sweater, so the search continues

  5. I am still looking for the perfect sweater to make no matter the color. THey always seem to have an issue, yet I still cast on with eternal hope.

  6. I'm a half a sleeve away from my sort of red sweater. We'll see how perfect it is or isn't real soon. How's that for pressure?! LOL