Saturday, December 31, 2016

As Promised

 I was determined to have these finished by the New Year.

They are. Now they are carefully tucked away until Christmas 2017.  Tonight The Mister and I are making Mexican food, drinking tequila and watching the ball drop on TV all by our lonesomes, as usual. Saying goodbye to 2016 won't be too difficult but looking ahead to 2017 and the challenges it will bring doesn't exactly look like a walk in the park either.
Happy New Year!


  1. Your Christmas socks look great! Glad you were able to finish them on schedule.

  2. Love those socks!!!! Great job and so festive looking. We're having our best friends over for dinner tomorrow. We're lucky that our best friends are married to each other too, so we really enjoy double dating, etc. It was his birthday today but Hubby had a dinner thing for work we had to go to, so we're celebrating tomorrow. Usually we're alone for New Years too, so this will be a nice change.

  3. Like any good knitting project, we are excited to begin it and glad to see it over.
    Great Christmas sock finish-Happy New Year!

  4. Such cute socks! It will be so much fun to pull them out next December.
    We are also planning to stay home this evening. We'll be binge-watching American Crime Story and drinking non-alcoholic wine.

  5. Love the socks but love the crocs even more. :-) I need to get me some red crocs. It's about the only color I don't have.

  6. I LOVE the socks! Think what fun it will be to pull them out next year at Christmastime.

    Have a lovely evening, and enjoy your treats. I'm looking forward to ours.

    Here's hoping 2017 will have enough good and happy things to make it feel worthwhile.

  7. We are doing the same. I have some skinny girl margerita! to celebrate the New Year Eve . We will get in the hot tub! WE love to watch Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on NYE. We took the tree down this morning . Feels good to have the house back. Feels sad to have the kids gone. I have to stop this!

  8. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year, Debbie! Hugs from Seattle, too.

  9. I was in bed asleep at 10:30, well until my neighborhood erupted in fireworks. 2017 is not looking like fun at all.