Thursday, June 23, 2016

Up All Night

 I've been glued to C-Span all night.

The Democrat's sit in made for fabulous TV.

 That's Maryland's guy. You rock, Steny.

The Dem's message: Enough is enough.

Sandy Hook

Navy Yard

Va Tech


 San Bernardino


DC Sniper


So many smiling faces. #nobillnobreak


  1. Amen Sister! Enough is Enough. Not only do you make the BEST soap, you also tell it like it is. I'm alternating between praying and just keeping my fingers crossed that this will finally happen.

  2. I am a very logical person....we have gun laws and they don't work for lawless people.
    Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens will not stop the havoc. If the bouncer had a gun, he could have taken the shooter down. End of story. Post all the pics of people who were killed by drunk drivers-way more than those killed in this kind of incident but we don't take away cars, do we?
    Ok, we will agree to disagree about guns.
    We will agree it is a tragedy to lose innocent lives.

    1. Daddio was real big on guns and taught us how to shoot at an early age. We had guns all over the house for our protection and knew how to use them. One night, when I was a teen, I was alone and I thought I heard a break in so I got a gun and prepared myself to use it. Shaking with terror, as I tried to pull the trigger at the intruder, I vomited in fear instead. Good thing. I would have killed a neighbor kid who was on the porch retrieving a ball. That's when I went off the idea of guns for protection. Lock the door. Get an alarm. Call the cops. I would rather die by a bad guy than live knowing I had killed an innocent person.

  3. Seeing all theses faces at once, really brings it home. Enough is enough. Perhaps this display by the House Democrats will spur Americans to get rid of these obstructionist Republucan yahoos.

  4. Finally! So happy to see them coming forward to get something done about all this senseless violence. So many precious lives lost.....I'm absolutely heart broken. We must remember to vote for those on the right side of these issues come voting day. We desperately need to weed out our political garden! It's run a muck!

  5. We're rooting for you here North of the Border. There's a happy medium to be found - with access for valid reasons and sane owners.

  6. What will it take??? So many innocent lives lost.

  7. I agree one hundred percent. I hope in our lifetime....we see this change.

  8. It was brilliant wasn't it? And I don't believe for one second that someone else with a gun would have been a good idea to "bring the guy down", if no one had the opportunity to have guns we would not be be seeing those beautiful faces forever frozen in time, with their lives cut short by maniacs allowed to purchase guns.