Saturday, June 18, 2016

Being Difficult

 My little container garden on the front steps is driving me crazy.

 Some things are doing beautifully and some things are dying.

 My little potted hostas are about to bloom so they are happy.

 The hydrangea in the front bed is blooming for the first time in years.

 The basil has been planted and replanted twice. Something keeps eating it.

Several impatiens have died or in the process of dying. I'm not sure why. Too much sun? Too much water? Dunno.

In their place I planted some adorable zinnias just to see if they would survive. There seems to be more sun on the porch than I realized so I am hopeful I may be able to branch out with some sun loving plants. Wouldn't that be nice.


  1. There's all kinds of things that enjoy our flowers in quite different ways than we do!
    I do love the combination of colors and even the greens! Nice!

  2. It looks like the flowering plants are pretty happy.

    Could slugs be getting at your basil? I know they do a lot of damage on the hostas in our shady areas.

  3. My hostas are just about to come out too, they obviously are low maintenance - I am not green fingered and only the plants that can withstand utter neglect ever survive! I think maybe the thing with gardening is to accept that there will be losses but I find that really hard! Guess we just have to keep on trying!

  4. Welcome to my world! :-). I gave up on my veggie garden and have planted geraniums and marigolds which seem to be doing fine. On the front porch I have petunias that I keep watered very well and they are doing okay in the hot west sunshine. Happy Saturday!

  5. Try sprinkling some epsom salts in the pots - it helps with growth issues and bugs.

  6. No more veggies for me, that is my new motto. Love your flowers.

  7. Isn't that odd how some things just disappear? I've had trouble with lobelia in the backyard but not the front, go figure. It's become very chilly and rainy here lately also.

  8. Hmmmm. IM no horticulturist but Maybe give the impatients more shade a less water. They are sort of a watery stemmed plant.
    You might want to try some moss roses if you have dry icky soil and sun. THey like that too with little water.
    IT is always different here every year. I lost SIX rose bushes over the winter. I have enough daisies to fill a bathtub this year. Im trying to keep the giant hosta from yellowing by watering the base instead of the leaves in the hot sun of the day.