Wednesday, June 22, 2016


 Bond, James Bond. Not. This is a freshly spun skein of Bond fleece and I think it's as cool and suave as the famous spy.

 Look at that. I spun this on autopilot so it became so magnificent all on its own.

 This is pre-thwack. I always document before I soak so I can see the change when it blossoms.

It was a nice long soak because I forgot about it.

 It's a pretty big skein.

It bloomed a bit but it's still a pretty thin yarn. I've got a Kate Davies Hap shawl in mind for it.

I've still got this much more to ply so I'll have plenty to play with when the time comes.

Now that it's dried, it's a fluffy 3 plus ounces of goodness. I gave it the neck test and it passed with flying colors and if I can hold wool to my neck for more than 30 seconds on a hot day with this awful sunburn, you know I've got a keeper.


  1. It's gorgeous! You make me wish I kept my spinning wheel!

  2. Lovely colour! And looks so soft.

  3. Looks lovely :) I've been enjoying Kate's hap work recently so looking forward to seeing yours.

  4. It's beautiful! And I have more......


  5. MAGNIFICENT!!!!! Beautifully spun! I'm presently spinning a similar colored fleece. Hope it turns out as nice yours did.

  6. I've heard great things about this fiber and you have cinched it for me. I will have to give it a try this year. Looks like a good knit it ahead for you! Sorry about the sunburn!

  7. That looks lovely - it will make a nice hap too - in the natural fibre, so traditional!

  8. Just love your color and your dried wool. I love your neck test and I do the same thing...often cotton is the only way for my neck .

  9. IT is gorgeous and very close in color to the sweater I just finished, the yarn color was called mineral.