Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Strawberry Moon

 The Mister and I took a walk by the Bay to see the moon everyone was talking about.

 We got there way too early so we took a stroll admiring the scenery.

 I never noticed these multicolored Hibiscus on Saturday. They were everywhere.

I don't know what these are but aren't they amazing?

 Pup had a good time.

 The Mister got dessert.

I brought my own. Sangria mixed with sparkling raspberry water with a dash of triple sec.

 We'd been watching this new mural being painted over the past few weeks.

 It looks done to me.

It started to get dark and the city lights came on but no moon.

 We were just getting ready to give up and go home when the sky suddenly turned pink.

 There it was hovering over the bay like a big pink balloon.

 Wow.  Just wow.


  1. Wow, indeed!

    Great photos!

  2. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing that!

  3. So beautiful!

    And I loved the bathing beauty pup picture. :-)

  4. Cool! It was very white and bright here, like a spotlight into my yard!

  5. Great capture. If I wasn't so tired I'd have taken the short ride to Lake Michigan to see it rise in all its redness!

  6. Gorgeous! I watched it here on the west coast too. I went outside of our camping trailer and there it was in the sky. Pretty and pinkish. So amazing. Loved all of your other pictures too, especially the Mister's dessert! :-)

  7. I wasn't able to see the moon until it got up above the trees behind our house - but by then it was big and bright and white. Lit up the whole yard.