Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Soap: All Tingly

 My soapy world was rather quiet this week. I only made two re-dos of old favorites. First up, Peppermint.  The Mister asked for some peppermint soap-the kind that tingles. He loved the peppermint soap that Delighted Hands sent last summer. He loved the feeling of the mint essential oils on a hot day so I made him a batch in my bigger 2 pound mold. Seven bars ought to keep him in tingles for a while.

Next up was some Wasabi. Six weeks ago I made four bars and then gave them all away. In six weeks I'll have another supply of the spicy smelling stuff because I made that batch in the bigger mold also.

 I did give lots of soap away this week. Everywhere I went I took a bag full and handed it out. I was kicking myself for not having any facial soap to hand out with it. As much as I love the cold process soap for a nice hot shower, I still prefer the glycerin soap at the sink for my face.

I spent a morning making more and now I have quite a stash of it but I'm pretty much out of the cold process soap for a few weeks. Then I'll have yet another tidal wave to find a home for. The next time the Jehovah Witness ladies come to the door they are taking some home and I'm not taking no for an answer.

 I would also like to show off what some lovely blog friends sent my way this week.  I do love the yummy herbal tea, amazing dried cherries and the basket.....

...oh, that basket. Handmade from pine needles. Exquisite, yes?  Thanks so much Momolake and Sandflies, you are the bestest blog buddies!


  1. As always, you soap looks amazing!
    Blog friends are awesome, aren't they?

  2. When hubby asks for tingly soap --- you must MAKE tingly soap. LOL

    Love that!!! The soaps are very pretty.

  3. That basket is awesome! Tingly soap is the best.
    I love your Johovah witness plan. They have an uncanny knack for showing up when I' m in need of prayer.

    1. I'm happy to hear I am not the only one who looks forward to their visit.

  4. Love your soap. My Hubby loves th smell of the soap you sent me too. How generous you are! (You're right. That bowl is amazing.)

  5. I think your generosity has to make a difference to people everywhere you go! I love your soaps, too. The pine needle basket has always been a 'someday' project for me. Since I have a pine forest on the property, what's stopping me?! Yours is a beauty!

  6. I use your facial soap all the time, I just love it. Beautiful gifts.

  7. Wow, your bars of soap just keep getting prettier! That pine basket is amazing, too; that must have taken someone a lot of patience.

  8. With all you soap making, your house must feel amazing!

  9. That basket is so cool! And the soap is beautiful as usual!