Friday, June 10, 2016

June Cards

I was pretty ho hum about this month's card kit. The first two cards were pretty unimpressive although I do like the little ladybug. That was my idea. I was getting tired of flowers and I have that stamp from another set.

The next two were a little more fun. The floral one used an embossed resist technique that was fun. It was a tutorial by Simon Says Stamp.

 The next two turned out amazing. They were lots of work but fun to do.  These cards are also from video tutorials on YouTube. The blue one is by Paper Heart Scissors and the floral is by Vicky Papaioannou who also does the ten card series each month.

 The gorgeous blue one was done by using these masking sheets. You can save your negative space for stamping later by covering it up while you work on the background. Brilliant.

 Not having a die set means you do lots of fiddly cutting with things like vines. I am still singing the praises of my Cutter Bee scissors though. Those vines would not be happening without them.

The only thing I have not used yet are the stick on sprinkles that came with the kit. I've still got a ways to go with this month's cards so I am sure something will turn up. It always does.


  1. The cards are all beautiful!

    Those sprinkles dots remind me of a candy we used to get as kids "paper dots". They were pure sugar and I just LOVED them! LOL

  2. You may not be thrilled with them but I love all of the cards. Paper crafting takes a whole level in patience that I wasn't blessed with. Ha!

  3. Your cards are truly works of art -- especially those last two. The masking paper sounds amazing.
    I love Vicky P. One of my summer goals is to use some of her techniques on altered board books.

  4. I love all your cards! You've done a terrific job combining materials. Thanks for the video links.

  5. Very intricate designs; you are advancing considerablY!

  6. I feel like I want to eat those colored dots! Seriously! Reminds me of candy dots I use to eat as a kid. LOL!

  7. Its always food to me. tHose dots look like the dots candy you pulled off a paper roll years ago!

  8. The Dreams and embossed floral one are really nice! The stick on sprinkles look like Candy. I'll say one thing the June kit definitely has the summer fun thing down!