Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summertime Blues

This past weekend I celebrated the impending change of seasons with a coat of blue glitter on my nails. My toes got a coat of navy blue first. I thought it would be cool but it really just looks like I have a circulation problem.

You know it's summer when I go buy some gin. A small (very small) gin and tonic makes me so happy on a hot afternoon.

So does sangria. It reminds me of sitting in the grass at Wolf Trap listening to The Gypsy Kings.  Now I have them on Pandora all day. Ole!

 I had to fill the freezer with popsicles. They are the sure cure for those late night hot flashes.

 I've also had to get out the freezer bags. I don't want those popsicles melting on the way home from the store. I hate getting into a hot car in summer. I wish they made freezer bags for people.

I've traded in my chocolate addiction for a salt water taffy addiction even though I haven't been to the ocean in years. I need to do something about that.

I've also traded out my pretty pastel spring flowers and ribbons for something a bit fishy. I know, I know, summer isn't technically here for another few weeks but when it gets here, I'll be ready.


  1. According to our local news, meteorlogical summer started today! So, you are right on time.

    Blue toes are on fleek, you know. You are right on trend! :-)

  2. It looks like you're ready for summer! My camping friend has her toenails painted blue too. I think they look quite festive!

  3. I thought I would love green cuz it's my fav color but ack! I will save green for socks instead! lol Go summer!

  4. june feels like the beginning of summer to me too. Looks like you're ready.

  5. Such festive looking nails! Sangria reminds me of seeing Bonnie Raitt at the Lenox Music Festival oh so many decades ago - lol.

  6. I like your season transition. My summertime adult beverage is Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Beer with Blue Corn chips and humus. Dessert is Ben and Jerry's YoFro Cherry Garcia. Hmmmmm, I'm going to the store right now. Don't want to be late for summer.

  7. Nice toe nails!!! I haven't tried blue yet but I like it. I tried that was aweful. I think the blue looks much better.

  8. Freezer bags for people -- LOL! They really need them in Miami, where my daughter lives.
    I like the blue nailpolish. It reminds me of blue summer skies.

  9. I think your fingers and toes look great! I have a problem with green nail polish... I'm always drawn to it (I love green) but with my pale colouring, I always end up looking like I suddenly sprouted fungus! I managed to find one, a light, minty, super metallic one that works.. but it took a long time.