Saturday, June 25, 2016

Something Done

 Ouch. I hate this part.

 Cutting weaving off a loom is like steeking. Scary. You just know it's all going to fall apart.

 But it doesn't.

 After they are zigzagged I feel better about it.

 Now for the trimming and hemming. I have two big towels and a half.

 I love those clips. They are so much better than pins for woven material.

 Before I even had the hemming finished I had the latest warp on the loom. I did it all by myself this time. The Mister was cleaning out the gutters. We have had storm after storm and he is a fanatic about clean gutters.

 After a wash and dry, it's mug shot time.

Now I can't wait to see what my scrap bag Bumbarete looks like because these rock.


  1. They are fabulous! Well done!

  2. They sure do rock! And great job on the new warp on the loom!

  3. Omg! I love em! I love the clips instead of pins idea too.

  4. They DO rock!!! Gorgeous. I use those clips to hold my knit seams too. They are VERY useful.

  5. ROck they do! Oh my. Amazing!!! I love your weaving. I dont see my doing it so I just live vicariously through you

  6. Gorgeous:) Are these tea towels ? Far too nice to dry the dishes with!