Monday, June 13, 2016

A Weekend of Ups and Downs

Friday afternoon I was glued to the TV watching Mohammed Ali's brilliant send off. I was laughing out loud, moved to tears and completely inspired by all the beautiful eulogies. What a life, what a man. That Olympic torch moment still gives me goosebumps.

It's been hot and humid here again but that didn't stop us from taking an evening stroll through the wetlands on Friday night.

 I don't live in a particularly picturesque little town but it has it's moments.

 The wetlands are wild. There is no taming of what's going on there.

It still needs protection though. I'm glad to see someone's paying attention.

 There's plenty of wildlife to be seen. They don't seem to mind the gawking. That's an osprey.

Mr. Seagull was putting on quite a show. There was something under the water it wanted and it wasn't giving up.

 On Saturday we celebrated a very special birthday. MIL turned 97. With lots of help from friends and family she is still in her own home. What a blessing.

While we were at her house visiting, The Mister got to show off the garden he's tending in her backyard. That day he had a broccoli crop to harvest and it was delish. Nothing beats the stuff you grow yourself.

At 2am on Sunday, Pup woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep. I flipped on the Chromebook to check the time only to get caught up in the live stream of news coming out of Orlando. Damn, people. Just. Damn.


  1. Damn doesn't BEGIN to cover how we feel.

  2. The Chesapeake area is beautiful and your town looks pretty. (I used to live in Annapolis, so I know of what I speak!)
    As for Orlando ... there simply are no words. I can't imagine how devastated the friends, family and community there must be. It's so frustrating that the FBI wasn't able to hold him back when there were complaints. I'm not sure how to find the balance between freedom and protecting others.

  3. I love people no matter their gender or preferences. IM so saddened by this mass murder. LIke all of us, I join in prayer for the families

    I lovethe osprey nests and images

  4. It's not been a great week for a lot of us.
    I appreciated the beauty of the scenery on your walk. Thanks for sharing that!

  5. I'm very jealous of your home-grown broccoli. And yeah.. it's been one hell of a weekend.

  6. Every one needs to do a better job of voting for the right people to run our government. It all begins and ends with that one simple right that we all(or at least those of us that haven't been disenfranchised yet) still have. It has been over run with unintelligent,right wing religious fanatics,bigots and racists! It's time to get serious and vote SMART!

  7. It was indeed at weekend of ups and downs wasn't it? There is an osprey nest just like your photo just a block from Mandy's house on the Chesapeake Bay. They enjoy seeing the babies every spring. My prayers are with each and every person who has been affected by the tragedy in Orlando.