Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sticks and String

 It seems like I've been about everything BUT knitting these days but it's just not so. I've got lots going on but nothing is terribly interesting. Featherweight is at the bottom ribbing. Yay. Next up, sleeves.

 Aubade is on her last lace section before the edging. More yay. The yarn ball is collapsing so I've had to jam my nostepinne in it so I can still pull from the center. It works.

 Sock two of Miss Babs MDSW colorway is heading to the heel.

 My handspun hat is on the top decreases. Next up, the lining. That's a provisional cast on at the bottom so I can knit a nice, soft acrylic liner. That handspun is a wee bit itchy.

Mosaic blanket has its second edge in the works. It takes a lot of math to figure out how to center the design and to find out how many stitches to pick up on this monster of a project.

The last thing I do at night is to add four rows to each of Son's cardi sleeves. They had been my Gilmore Girls knit and I am beyond sad to say I finished the series.


  1. So many colourful project! Love your socks!

  2. So many beautiful knits on the needles! I like all your handspun yarns especially!

  3. You have LOTS of knitting going on and some big projects too. Love all of them. If I ever manage to lose weight I want to make myself a nice cardigan. It will be my way of congratulating myself! :-). Love the socks too!

  4. LOve FEatherweight! it is gorgeous.
    Dont like it when a series ends and Im all caught up. Mid JUly my Doc Pol returns! WHEEEE

  5. Netflix series are kind of like potato chips with me. I can never just watch one episode at a time. I always end up watching the whole series in a couple nights. I do however like to try and set nightly row goals on my knit projects. I just have to learn to pace myself with the Netflix watching. LOL

  6. Looks like you are keeping yourself well and busy with all those projects. The Olympics are coming -------free knit time for ALL!

  7. Wonderful knitting my friend. I started Gilmore girls and am still in the first season.