Tuesday, June 28, 2016

If It Weren't For Bad Luck

 Are you ready for another tale of woe? It begins with an empty warping board.

I had this idea of making a July inspired towel using this pattern from a Cotton Clouds kit that I really liked.

I had red, white and blue in the stash but that design needed four colors so I thought I would add a dark blue to the mix.

I ordered it and have been waiting for it to get here from Arizona. It got here today and look at that.

 It's not darker at all. In fact, it's almost a match. I'm not sure how I did that but I did it. Grrrrr.....now I have to reorder and start the waiting game again.

 As for the big floss dilemma:
The number of the red is Dimensions/Sunset Red 13019 which supposedly converts to DMC 304 or Anchor 19. I had both of those and they aren't even close. I think the problem is that this is a very old kit (1996) and either the color has faded or the colors were different back in the 90's. All the colors in the kit are more subdued than their contemporary counterparts. The colors today are more jewel toned than the dustier "country" colors of yore. My solution.....I bid on yet another kit on ebay. While I was waiting for that auction to end ebay sent me a message telling me there was a buy-it now kit for $14. The Mister convinced me I was stupid not to buy the sure thing so I did. Then the next day I won the auction for $6.99. So... now I'll have 4 of these kits. Running out of thread will NO longer be an option. Jeesh. The things you do.
Thanks for all the offers of help yesterday. You guys are the bestest!


  1. So sorry about the yarn color. If you had wanted it to match it wouldn't have even been close!!!! I laughed out loud at your Mini Mouse on crack comment over at Irish Eyes. That was hilarious. :-)

  2. 4 kits! Argh! Hope the floss matches though .....
    It's not been your week has it,

  3. I'm glad you can make us laugh about it-hoping you are laughing, sort of, too!

  4. Hey....a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! And if the Mister is on board, it's all good, right?! ;-)

  5. I'm SO glad there was a solution. My 304 is the jewel tone red.

    Hope that the re-order of the blue gets you a color you can use.

  6. Sorry about the threads. It never happened to me with Dimensions kits. Got a big box of leftover threads.