Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow?

 The Mister took a page from my playbook. He was bored stiff on the days when he was doing Mom duty so he and his brother put in a garden to give them something to do. I sure miss the garden I put in at Daddio's. Don't get me started on my fig tree. I could just cry.

There's a bit too much shade for most vegetable gardens but things seem to be going well.

 We've been eating the chard and the kale.

Nothing is better than something you grew yourself.

 There's not much hope for the cold weather crops that got a late start. It's gotten pretty hot.

 The cucumbers and the pumpkins look happy enough.

 If they can keep the hornworms at bay they should have a bumper crop of tomatoes.

When the gardeners are not around this guy is keeping an eye on things. I hope he does his job because I would love to have a tub of something to pickle or preserve.


  1. It looks as though you are already enjoying some of the bounty. Better than my little spot did. :-) Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post today. I find it hard to believe that you have the same clumsy issues that I do, although you're right, it does seem to be worse the older I get.

  2. I miss vegetable gardening but Bill as taken that over. I think this garden is beautiful!

  3. I envy people who have enough sun for veggies -- especially Swiss chard. I love that stuff but it's not cheap at the market!

  4. THAT is a GREAT scarecrow!

    If I put in a veggie garden here, all I would accomplish was feeding the deer.

  5. That's a pretty nifty scare crow!!!! The Gardener keeps saying we need one but I'm not convinced they work all that well.

  6. That's awesome! I wish i had room for cukes and squash and pumpkins...those are the things I REALLY want to grow.
    and OMG... when you said hornworms.... the only time I've ever seen them was when I was about 7 or 8. We had a huge garden, and apparently there was an infestation of the darn things in the area. My Dad gave me a big mason jar and a pair of gardening gloves and I got 10 cents for every dead one, and 25 cents for every live one I picked off the tomatoes. Insects rarely bothered me, but those things creeped me out so bad!

  7. Your veggie garden is neat as a pin. We once did a lettuce border around our whole garden. it was cute.

  8. Please pass on to the Mr. that I think he did an excellent job by putting in a garden. It's such a great activity that is productive. I'm jealous.

    Anyhow my husband has made me a big fan of Kale and Chard as well. We even eat beet greens. If you told me I would eat and like and crave all these things 30 years ago, I would've guffawed. Beautiful bounty you all have!

  9. My garden was an utter fail this year a grand total of five small tomatoes!