Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

 Ice skates and flip flops. There is no better place to be than in an ice rink in the summer.

The sad part is that there is not much ice time in the summer. During the day, Daughter and I have had the rink almost to ourselves since fall and we've gotten spoiled.

 She can fly around at warp speed without getting in anyone's way.

 Now that school is out the rinks are filled with summer camps and lots of kids slipping and sliding all over the place. Thursday was our last daytime session. Boo.

It's time to pack away the winter gear for a few weeks. In August Daughter is teaching a week long Theater on Ice camp to get the production team back in session for next year's competitive season. I'll be attending-if I can still remember to skate. That's a long time for this old lady to be off the ice.


  1. Is there ANYTHING you can't do? Ice skating too. Just the thought of trying to balance on that thin blade makes me shiver. I would fall immediately. I'm sorry you don't get as much time on the ice this time of year as you would like, but just think, now you can get more craft time in!

  2. It will be nice to switch gears, though, won't it?!

  3. There is no better place ANY TIME to be than an ice rink.

    (I miss skating terribly!)

    Have fun with your camp in a few weeks!

  4. Seemslike Flying to me. Just beautiful

  5. I can imagine everyone wanting to head to an ice rink in this hot humid weather but it must feel weird when you come out into the hot summer air.

  6. I think we don't have to worry about you forgetting how to skate, now for me I haven't been on skates for 15 years!

  7. Lots of fun skating memories from growing up in WI, but I've hot had skates on for years. An ice rink would have been very nice today though as it's been least for here.