Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

 I do believe this is my oldest WIP on Ravelry. I started it in October of 2008.

Every year (for 7 years in case you didn't do the math) I take it out in October and put a few rows on it, lose interest and then pack it away by Thanksgiving.

Which is a shame because it really is a pretty thing that I wanted to wear once upon a time.

It might have to do something with this chart. It's headache and a case of eyestrain waiting to happen.

I'm going to shame myself on November 30th and show just how much progress I made this year.

As for that chart, I'm going to figure out how to make a larger copy. I also bought a super bright lamp at Ikea so no excuses as soon as the sun goes down. On your mark, get set.....knit.


  1. The yarn and pattern will result in a shawl par excellent!
    You are going to love it someday when you are in a 'home'!!!!!! lol No, you will get it done. So what to how long it took!

  2. It certainly is BEAUTIFUL! :-)

  3. You are amazing that you haven't ripped it! I say you have stick to it tive ness! You go lady and no shame! It is gorgeous

  4. Oh that looks so pretty! You have to finish it!

  5. Oh that's going to be beautiful - you need to get a move on it!

  6. I have a few like that! Good luck with the chart! Like the lamp; it should help. I don't enjoy knitting on really dark colors anymore.

  7. The first thing I do with charts is enlarge them. The printer connected to your computer can probably do it. Turn the chart so that in in the landscape direction. You'll probably have to print it twice. OR you can take it to your local copy shop and them enlarge it for a price!