Monday, October 19, 2015


 The first twill towel is done. Time to crank up the next in line.

I completely goofed up the colors. That's what I get for not paying close enough attention to the draft. As usual, I did what I thought I should do instead of what I actually should be doing. It's fine though. I'm the only one who would know. I need to make sure I make the same mistake on the second towel but that shouldn't be a problem-for me.

When I got to the end, I needed to use that fine yarn for the hem but all my bobbins were full. I didn't want to wait to order more, so I happily discovered the paper tubes that the yarn comes on fits in the shuttle. The wisp of yarn I needed for an inch worked just fine.

That itty bit of warp left is supposed to be the second towel. I just may have a towel and a napkin set when all is said and done.


  1. Oh, they are just as pretty as I envisioned! Excellent weaving and a great job on the color 'tweaking' !

  2. What's in the air? I just knit mitts in the same colors!

  3. SOOOOO beautiful! :-)

  4. Beautiful and perfect for the holidays to come.

  5. Oh yeah, those towels are looking just as fabulous as I suspected they would. Really, well done! I love it!