Monday, October 12, 2015


 When the Little Prince socks were here, I knew those Halloween socks were coming next and I wanted to make them their own bag.

I had lots of leftover Rest in Pieces scraps and I went looking for that knotted bag pattern that Wandering Cat had gifted me. I love it. I found tutorials. I watched videos. I thought I had figured it out. What I didn't have was time because I was knee deep in a purple octopus and a giant caterpillar. I reverted to what I know which is a simple drawstring bag because I could get it done fast. It'll do. I will make the other bag-some day.

As for the socks, I pretty much knit all night to get two going at once. I want these on my feet as soon as possible. They match my Halloween apron perfectly.

I also marked an important milestone with the vintage WIP. I used up the first ball of Shadow. I had to wind the second skein. Woo hoo. Not much to show row wise yet but it does count as progress. I'll take it.


  1. The socks are very nice and you have a great chance to get it done by the 31st! The project bag is fun!!!
    Sweet knitting to rock your week!

  2. So much Halloween fun!
    When my kids were little, I loved Halloween. But I've kind of lost track of it.
    I love the Little Prince socks.

  3. Your bag is so cute. You did well! So what if it is not what you envisioned for those darling socks. Drawstring bags rock. !! BOO!

  4. Love the Halloween yarn. I'll be taking a sock with me to dinner today!

  5. Awesome progress on those Halloween socks! And they have their own bag which is impressive. Nice work!