Tuesday, October 20, 2015

More Hooky

 My crochet project got a nice new box. It was getting dusty in the cardboard box I kept it in and it wasn't pleasant to work on. Ah choo.

 Now it fits under the coffee table and it has a lid to keep out the dust bunnies.

 The new box celebrates a milestone. Drumroll please.......

 It's time to start color sequence number 3! I know, I know...this project is like molasses in winter but it's a lot of hooky for someone who isn't that fond of it. I do like how this is turning out though. It's going to be a spectacular blankie someday even though I just discovered that I got the color order on the second 15 rows all mixed up. I went up one row in the box and down the other and reversed the second half of the balls of yarn I had so carefully lined up. I don't think it matters but stuff like that drives me crazy.

 No. I haven't started weaving in those ends yet. I have a plan. The next time I get snowed in with no cable and nothing to do but sit by the woodstove, I'll need something to fiddle with and this is it.

Even though I am not close to being done, I had to take a mugshot of it with my Halloween apron, my red LL Bean jumper and new pink socks. If anyone is ready for trick or treating, I am. 365 days a year.


  1. I was wondering about this afghan recently! It will be a project you will be proud of......soon!

  2. I just love your colors! And your outfit just cracks me up. I want it! I need that apron.

  3. Me too! Love Halloween. I thought that was your morning get up...until I read on. Phew. Its a perfect costume ~

  4. I love the way that afghan is coming out. And the order of the colors really doesn't matter.

  5. LOL You crazy hooker, you!

    The colors in that blanket can't help but make you SMILE!

  6. I love how happy and bright this blanket is and how far you've come I remember the work you had to get the edges how you wanted them. You know what I think is just as awesome? Your method of storage. Neat, organized, visual. Sold!

  7. What a great blanket you've got going. I know about those molasses projects.......just don't ask how many there are!