Monday, October 26, 2015

Swatch Much?

Last week Kathy b wanted to know if her readers swatched. I do. Here is son's cardi being swatched. In my Crafsy class on fitting knitwear, Amy Herzog teaches you what to do with a swatch because you can't get a garment to fit if you are using the wrong yarn or the wrong gauge. You are supposed to do a lot more than just look at it and count the stitches. Who knew?

 Here is my newly handspun Stroll fiber. In order to know if it is going to hold up as socks, I need to put it to the test. Trying to poke a finger through it is test number one. It passed.

 Here is that newly plied Polwarth. I need to knit more to see if it has any drape before I decide what to do with it. Five inches, at least, is recommended for a swatch. I've got a ways to go with this one.

Those two bins are filled with handspun all of which have been swatched before being put away. Now I need to go back and look at those swatches with my newly trained eyes. Thanks to Craftsy, I am getting to be a real smarty pants.


  1. Such pretty swatches! I agree, you learn a lot from a swatch; glad you are enjoying the Craftsy class!

  2. You are a smarty pants to put a swatch in with your handspun! I love it! You have almost sold me on swatching, almost! I notice i seem to wait till I'm past the ribbbing and down an inch with socks before I'm capable of realizing my gauge is off. sad face.

  3. Swatching! LIke Ellen I m almost sold on it! For certain I swatch for sweaters....otherwise its disaster

  4. Love the pretty yarns in your swatches. I'm a reluctant swatcher and have some ill-fitting projects as proof. Sounds like I need to look into that Craftsy class.

  5. Sounds like a good Craftsy class! Does it talk at all about stitch number as well as length?