Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Fiber

 My BFL braid from Wandering Cat is slowly turning into singles.

I can't remember if it had a colorway name but isn't it pretty?

 I finished my first bobbin of the mishmash singles that will someday be a wonky three ply. This will be a hat if I ever get it done.

I am also very near completing this first bobbin of the two ply Jacob that I need to finish my Crepidula. I am in no rush for this anymore as too many other things have jumped in line in front of it while it was in time out. Ya snooze, ya lose around here.


  1. Such beautiful fiber on the bobbins! I could fall into the heart sings at the colors-enjoy!

  2. Love the mix-up of colors on the first spindle. That should make a very interesting hat.

  3. I dont think you snooze too much! lady you are a busy wonderful pal. I m so over the moon about the spindle and stuff!!!!!
    Fireman even said he'd help. Wait till I tell my locker partner who went to the sheep n wool fest with me.

    1. I hope I didn't start you on the slippery slope that is spinning!

  4. Your spinning is beautiful. I love the happy colors. I'm ready to spin something bright after the greens and browns from this summer.

  5. What a pretty color! The only time I tried our old spinning wheel I felt like I was trying to rub my stomach and pat my head. Just didn't get the coordination at all! You make it look so easy. Have a fun Halloween!

  6. Good stuff all the way around. Very productive of you ... again:) Love the green colorway. dreamy.