Thursday, October 1, 2015


 Didn't I just post about September? It can't be October already, can it?

 September didn't get very far. I had the itchies for several weeks. Nothing got done but scratching-and whining, lots of whining.

 I had to roll the material up on the frame to be able to get to the last row. That was no fun. This frame is as stiff and creaky as I am.

 That's when I discovered the catastrophe I had been ignoring. I was out of gold floss so the border didn't get finished at the bottom. I had even bought a second kit from someone on ebay and they were out of gold, too. Jeesh.

I thought I had solved the problem by buying lots of gold floss but then I forgot how I solved it. It took some detective work to figure it back out again because the blankety blank companies that sell these kits use a secret code for good old DMC embroidery floss. There should be a law.


  1. The first of the month holds such promise.....

  2. I enjoy watching your progress on this project. The gold looks like a good match to me. Hope it works out.

  3. September just flew by! I hope October takes its time....

  4. There SHOULD be a law and it should also say that you must MARK the floss in kits, not just hand it over in a tangle of colors!

    On a happy note . . . your project is adorable! Glad the itchies are gone and you can stitch again.

  5. Ugh! Why do they make it so hard to match ugh! It's been a good time otherwise watching your progress through the year.