Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jam Fail

A friend gifted me three beautiful persimmons. I had no idea what to do with them so I thought-jam. Bad idea.

 Using my knowledge of fig jam making, I started slicing and dicing without really knowing what I was doing. The cooking went well. It smelled wonderful with all the added cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Look at that color. It was beautiful.

 All was well until I tasted a big spoonful and discovered in horror that I must have used parts of the fruit I shouldn't have. It was full of unchewable fiber.

I tried sieving it. I even tried pushing it though a garlic press and a tea strainer.

 For all that work (and mess) I ended up with about two tablespoons of something edible.

Mmmmm....homemade jam on toast at teatime. It didn't last long but it was good while it lasted. I think I may have to go buy some strawberries. I have jam fever.


  1. It sure looked good in the picture. I have never tried making jam, but my sister is great at it. My cooking skills is limited to a can opener and the microwave.

  2. Yup, my husband was determined I make him some persimmon jam; after reading about it, I told him he should try it himself. It sure cured him about that nagging! All that work resulted in awful in a jar! lol So now you know!

  3. It's always an adventure in your house! I have heard of the trials of persimmon preserving before. Don't forget there are also 2 kinds of persimmons that have different textures! (but that's all i got. I can't do crap with them, but eat them.)

  4. Jam fever.....love the term and the affliction

  5. I love to make freezer jam with strawberries. (peaches, too) It tastes so fresh!

  6. I love making jam and marmalade. Never thought to use persimmons. Could make persimmon butter, like apple butter. Think I'd need to put it through a food mill, though, and I no longer have one of those. I'm leaving in about an hour to pick up some persimmons at a friend's house.