Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween Countdown

My sock knitting tote has not left my side in days.

 I want these socks done asap.

 I'm close, very close. I've been binge watching Supernatural on Netflix. It scares me and makes me knit faster. I also don't ever want to look up at the screen. I'm no fan of gore but I do like the spooky stories around the gore.

The race is on to see what I finish first-the socks or the bowl of Halloween candy. I'm betting on the candy.


  1. The socks are so pretty! You crack me up over the candy- limit yourself to a piece every 10 rows and you will come out even!

  2. The socks are spooooky!!! Love them.

    I would be all over those Reese's cups (if it wasn't for this darn diabetes! LOL) Even still -- I might sneak one this holiday.

    Enjoy! And by that I mean the knitting AND the candy!

  3. You are too funny. Go go go go You are almost knit finished. Oh that candy.... I cannot even start

  4. You really are almost there, and you know you can't wear them with the needles attached, so KNIT ON! They are worth it!