Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Bad Influence

Have you seen this show? It's on PBS and Netflix.

It's a bake off show that isn't mean spirited. It's absolutely lovely and very educational.

People bake amazing things. I never bake (except at Christmas where I have a long, sad history with the Buche de Noel) but it even has me pulling out the mixing bowls. This is a lemon glazed tea loaf that I made up using stuff I had around the house. It doesn't look like much but it was delish. I felt so elegant slicing my tea loaf at tea time.

 My next attempt at a tea loaf was a total failure. I forgot I wasn't using the self rising flour the recipe called for so it turned out like a wet sponge. It wasn't a total loss thanks to my adding lots of spiced rum to the dried fruits that were stirred in but it certainly would have gotten me voted off the show.

The program is mainly about sweet stuff but it made me want bread-crusty, chewy bread hot from the oven.

Several years ago, this book changed my baking life.

You literally throw some warm water, flour, salt and yeast in a bowl, give it a quick stir and you are good to go. No kneading, no fuss. It's so good it's dangerous. Add all this to the giant bowl of Halloween candy The Mister came home with and guess who's going to be a rather chubby witch this Halloween? Tee, hee, hee.....


  1. Lovely bakes! Looks tasty! I also like this show, as well as The Great British Sewing Bee. Both are kind and inspiring.

  2. I'm not much of a basket...I have my few favorites and that's enough BUT the Artisan Bread is a staple in my house, too! I love to bake bread and eat it !

  3. It ALL looks so good. We don't buy Halloween candy until Oct. 30th. Otherwise, there would be nothing to give out to the kiddos! LOL

    I'll have to check out that baking show.

  4. Oh may I please have the easy bread recipe? When you have time. No rush.

  5. Me, too! I want that recipe. There are few things as awesome as fresh-baked bread!

  6. Yes! I love this show for the very reason you described. And I too find it inspirational and a bit of bad influence with my "free time" project making. hehe. Love the crusty bread ring, and I've been having a lot of chats about self rising flour with a coworker of mine. You're right there with us!