Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Soap

Now that I've got cured soap to try out, this is what my bathtub looks like. The Mister thinks it's ridiculous.
I think it's necessary. I need to find out if what I'm making is worth making and there is only one way to test soap so I've been lathering up a storm.

I learned the Baby Buttermilk Bastille soap recipe from Brambleberry is too slimy for my taste. There's too much olive oil in it. I like a harder bar. It feels great on the skin but it's icky to pick up. I'm going to let the rest of it cure for a while longer, that may help.

 I learned that my CPOPed oatmeal honey soap is too hard. I don't like a gelled soap. It smells great and I love the oatmeal but I want a creamier bar. I think the goat's milk version will be better.

The sea clay and peppermint is amazing. It feels like silk. I love it. I just wish I had written down the recipe. Boo me.

The peacock swirl looks prettier after using it. The colors had faded and gotten ashy during the cure. The colors came back but the citrus essential oil scent had faded. It's safe to use but on the harsh side so it's going in the kitchen for hand soap.

My second try at hot process was a success. This is a fantastic bar of crockpot soap. It's rich and creamy and smells wonderful.

My newest creation involved some infused oils and sparkly mica.

This is an alkanet root, olive leaf and calendula infused shea butter recipe that is supposed to smell like Mediterranean Figs. It doesn't smell like figs to me. It's very flowery and very strong. I'm actually hoping that this one fades a little as it cures for the next six weeks.

I also remade the green tea soap that I made such a mess of. This time I used NO leaves in the batter-just some chamomile powder for some color. I sprinkled a tiny pinch of ground chamomile that I got from a tea bag on the top and let the tea fragrance speak for itself. In six weeks they'll be ready for some serious tub time. I can't wait. I really loved that tea recipe.

My shelves are already overflowing but I just can't stop. Must. Make. Soap.


  1. Knit a cotton soap sack to use with the baby buttermilk. That way you don't have to handle the bar and maybe it's sliminess(?) won't be so obvious? Love the Peacock one, adorable!

  2. It's like having a test kitchen (bathroom!) all to yourself!
    You are doing great on your soap skills!

  3. Wow! Look at your shelf it looks so professional! I love it! I also love your tub line-up to try. I'm sure the Mister can suck it up for the sake of craft and science! I'm coveting that clay and peppermint, sounds like a great combination, but I love your soap world. I think it is so cool that fragrance and texture can change and "cure" and fade. I mean of course it makes sense, but not something I think about. Thanks for sharing!