Friday, July 31, 2015

Apologies Are In Order

Dear Rest of the World,

As a US citizen, I want to say I am sorry for what happened to poor Cecil the Lion. When I heard what had happened my initial reaction was "oh, please don't let some American idiot be responsible for this" but as we all know now, it was. It's one thing for us to kill each other. We have sadly grown used to being massacred for various and sundry reasons in malls, churches, movie theaters and even first grade classrooms-but this really is the limit. Now it seems we have been exporting these morons to wreak havoc on an ever dwindling wildlife population who, unlike us humans, have no idea they are coming.

I didn't know Cecil and he was probably a jerk of a lion, as so many are, but from what I've heard his position was very important in the pride and his loss could result in even more lion deaths because the hierarchy of power has been upset. Cubs could die.

It is nice to see so many are standing up for animals rights in the wake of this senseless and horrifically cruel act of violence. Let's hope justice will be served. Personally, I would like to see the guy have to eat 420 pounds of lion meat-raw, if it didn't mean the loss of another lion. Maybe it would be better just to make him wear a tracking device, so the world will always know where he is, for life.
In case you haven't heard, Cecil's pride was being monitored by satellite for the past 20 years by this organization. They have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the public donations in Cecil's honor and have a very moving tribute on their website.

Once again I'd like to apologize for my fellow American. The only feeble excuse I have to offer is that we are clearly in the midst of a mental health crisis in this country. Anyone who takes such pleasure in killing things clearly has a screw loose. Let's just hope he has the good sense to trade that crossbow for a camera asap.



  1. Senseless world we live in. Life is so cheapened by a moments pleasure or anger.

  2. Excellent post. And I like the idea of putting a tracker on that jerk.

    I'm so tired of Americans being a-holes.

  3. I'd like to see him dropped naked with a tracking device around his neck into the preserve where Cecil lived.