Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Just Call Me Lance

Woo hoo.....I've got my first TdF finish!

 Of course I totally cheated.

 I haven't been doping (gin and tonics don't count) but I did spin the first bobbin of this two ply before the Tour started.

Knowing the new grandson was going to show up smack dab in the middle of it all, I did give myself a head start in order to make up for the four days I missed. Or so I told myself.....


  1. Oh, it is a scrumptious color! What is the fiber?

    1. It is something called Punta wool. I've looked it up but still can't figure out what it actually is since as far as I can figure out there are no Punta sheep. Just sheep that come from the Punta area of Chile.

  2. Steroids in knitting have never been outlawed. In fact think of how fast we'd go if we used steroids! Love your colors

  3. Oh Lance, You are so funny, but you know that don't you. The yarn looks great and I admit I was thinking there might be some OTC or Pharma joke coming haha! Have a gin and tonic and cheers for me. You spin something fantastic, fiber and words ... fiber and words.

  4. Just beautiful! Such a lovely skein.