Friday, July 3, 2015

A Fleecy Finish

Peanut, whoever you are, I hardly got to know you.

My Texel X fleece from a little sheep apparently named Peanut is all washed. This is the last of it.

I don't think I ever finished my MDSW fleece before the TdF.

 It was only four pounds-but still, that's a lot of wool.

There's still plenty of other fleeces in the shed but I'm hanging up the washing bags for now. I've got a lot of carding to do.


  1. This is why the TDF is such a great event; we get so much done! I'm catching my fleece today also!

  2. That is quite a process! And then you have to spin it, and knit the spinning. Wow! This should be very pretty with lots of potential. What will you make?

  3. Four pounds is a lot. I'm curious about how you'll treat the colors when you spin. My wheel is clean and oiled, the fiber separated and I'm ready spin for the TdF.

  4. It absolutely amazes me that you do that huge process! I bet one day you'll have sheep and even shear them yourself!

  5. are you using your homemade soap to wash the locks?

    1. No. I use Ivory but I really should try it.