Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Missing My Mojo

 Look at that. I won a book on kathy b's blog and it's already here! This was just the push I needed to get me to pick the needles back up. Thank you Kathy! My mojo has been lacking for the past few weeks but it has been beastly hot and humid. This has been a miserable summer and that's saying something as most summer's are hard to bear here in the high humidity of the Mid Atlantic swamp lands. If my ancestors had only stayed put, I'd be basking in 60 degree temps in Gloucestershire in the UK.

Aubade, the pi shawl was supposed to be my hot weather project and it's grown a bit but I'm pretty sure I'll still be working on it next summer.

 I've been putting a row or two on the body of my vest during breaks in spinning while watching the Tour but picking this heavy wool up has been torture. I'm also trying to ignore the fact that I am running out of yarn. I don't want to think of more carding and spinning right now. The Tour has done a number on my hands.

 My traveling sock project is nearing the toe. I do so love Felici. It had a limited comeback this summer and I should have bought more. It is brain candy.

Tracery hasn't gotten a new row since the Tour started. I spin at night as well as in the morning just to keep up. I miss my Gilmore Girls on Netflix time in bed with it. I'm also now hooked on Supernatural so I can have two hours of Dean and Fair Isle all at the same time. Heaven.

 Oddly enough, what I really want to work on is my cabled sweater that I put away last fall when I started the sleeves. I think that maybe if I work on fall projects this hot weather will blow away. I wish.

What scares me is that my crumpled up notes on the pattern remind me that there is a lot going on is this sweater. I had to learn things and remember things that I think I forgot. I should know better than to put something this complicated in time out. It's not going to be fun figuring this out all over again.


  1. I think you just have to weather the slumps like this. You have some beautiful projects on the needles; the first day with a bit of nip in the air will drive you right back to them! Head to the sewing room for improvement bit of distraction for now!

  2. Lots of variety in your projects. I'm finding it hard to think much about knitting with the Tour going on.

  3. SO glad the book motivated you to get back to our beloved craft! I love the sock yarn!

  4. I love that you won the book. It makes me happy. I also love that yellow yarn for the shawl. Your heat and humidity frightens me but I love all the things you have in progress right now. It's such an interesting variety of projects and colors and textures.