Saturday, July 18, 2015

Say No to Monkey Farts

 I was so excited when my soap suppliers had a fragrance oil sale. This scent had been on my wishlist since everyone and their brothers started raving about it.

 I made a quick batch of melt and pour hoping for some instant gratification. I didn't get it. This stuff stinks. I was expecting bananas and coconut but this is sour grapefruit juice. Ugh.

It's going in the kitchen for dishes and other dirty whatnots. Soap is soap.


  1. There might have been a hint of stink in the name.....

  2. Bummer. I think a family of quadruplet boys would love that soap and the name

  3. Love the way the soap looks, but as to the smell........

  4. Yes to coconuts and bananas. No to sour monkey farts. Being the only girl in the household surrounded by tween boy humor (my husband's sense of humor is in a state of arrested development, and yes, i married him and procreated anyway) I can officially tell you, the word fart might sound funny but yeah, I don't mess with monkey farts. farts anything. or balls. no balls...