Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th from De Ronde van Frankrijk!

De Ronde van Frankrijk. That's how you say the Tour de France in Dutch. They are starting off in the city of Utrecht, in the Netherlands, with an individual time trail today. I'm ready. At the last minute, I managed to finish the Jacob for my in-progress vest and to get some leftover Merino singles plied.

 I needed to free up some bobbins.. I'll have all three wheels going so I'll need them all eventually.

 I still have a couple of old things that need of be finished. This is the second bobbin of the mystery braid I started a few weeks ago. From looking at my Etsy account, I did discover it's actually Punta wool, whatever that is. I hope to make short work of it so I can move on.

This is a very old project I hope to finish in the 3,360 kilometres the riders will cover. On July 26th the riders that are left will be heading into Paris and I, hopefully will be adding a new skein or two to the already too full handspun bin.

The soap bin is also overflowing but I couldn't resist making something for the holiday.

They smell like apple pie. Mmmmm. We won't be having any pie today but I do have a watermelon waiting.
Gelukkig (Happy) 4th!


  1. Very pretty and patriotic! Happy TDF, too!

  2. What cute soap!! I have been enjoying your forays into soap making, but thankfully I do not want to follow along. I so don't need another hobby! Good luck on your Tour.

  3. Love that 4th of July soap! Hope your day is a great one. Have you ever visited the Netherlands? We really like Amsterdam.

    1. No. I've never been but it looks like a beautiful country from what I've seen on the Tour coverage.

  4. The soaps look like fun to make and use. I'm so out of practice, today's spinning was pretty slow.

  5. Okay how much do I love your star spangled soap?

    I totally watched some of the Tour this weekend thinking of you and your spinning! I am not crazy about cycling, but I have to know why they start in Netherlands when clearly this is a Tour ... of France ...