Thursday, July 2, 2015

Daddio Update

Daddio isn't able to sew anymore but he has quite a bit left to finish up.

 His Double Wedding Ring in gorgeous tropical batiks was always a favorite of mine. Now that I have reclaimed my sewing room from all the costume projects, I've been working on appliqueing it down.

 I'm not sure what he intended this to be but I'm having fun with it.

 I've always wanted to try some big stitch hand quilting and it seemed like a perfect fit.

 He was also working on a quilt for a great grandson. It needs to be backed and then stitched in the ditch. I'm on it-when I can find a spare minute, which isn't too often these days.

Finally, his super wonky Christmas quilt is ready to have its borders and backing put on. I'm going to have fun machine quilting this one. You can't hurt it.


  1. Nice to have so many near done projects to finish! Have fun! Glad you can spend time in the sewing room!

  2. I'm sorry Daddio is unable to sew anymore. I think you are doing a fabulous job. I love that you guys have done so many projects together. Batiks are my favorite. A friend of mine gave me a Batik quilt when my son was born and it still hangs with love in my room. I couldn't actually use it. Weird! (I use my mothers though. hahaha)

  3. Lots of pretty quilts to work on. Love the colors in the wedding ring.

  4. Daddio in every snippet ....
    lovely quilts and colors. Have fun and get lots of joy from them.