Wednesday, July 29, 2015

In Bloom

 It's been so hot that I have been hiding in the house. This weekend we had some decent weather with temps only in the 80's so I ventured out for a few seconds before the mosquitoes chased me back in.

 In those few seconds I noticed a few things were blooming.

I also noticed that things need trimming. The hostas look terrible when they are finished blooming.

We've got about a week or so until the hostas are either burned up by the sun or eaten by the deer. Now I need to figure out how to get those hostas trimmed without either being eaten alive or becoming tangled in spider webs. It's a freaking jungle out there.


  1. Beautiful! Deep Woods mosquito spray to keep the well, mosquitoes away! Such a shame to be kept will have to do that all winter!

  2. You definitely have a lot going on outside in that heat. Lovely green things. However I read the word mosquito and started scratching. Ugh. I would flee as well.

  3. Love those black-eyed Susans. The rabbit dined on ours and it's now behind a fence, not as big as yours, but has buds. I have my fingers crossed.....

  4. Your hosta leaves are so much more intact than ours. Our leaves are burnt and holes chew in them

  5. It is definitely the summer of the spider! We've got them everywhere, even in our mild suburban wonderland.