Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Carding Away

 I didn't feel like I had gotten much together for the Tour this year until I gathered it all together to card. That's a lot of wool. I'll never get all this cranked out before Paris.

 The Texel X washed up nicely. The colors look better dry than they did wet. That's a good thing.

My plan was to have lots of white with pops of color but I ended up with more colored fleece than white so a mish mash of pastel is what I ended up with. I know from experience that what a batt looks like and what the yarn ends up looking like are two very different things so it's too soon to decide if I like this or not. Time will tell.


  1. Replies
    1. Hmmmm......not too bad. It's pretty spongy though. I've got concerns.

  2. Look at all those beautiful colors! I have a hard time looking at fiber braids and imagining a finished yarn. I love the pastels and can't wait to see how it spins.

  3. I love your colors. We are watching the TOUR daily and sometimes at night too. That crash the other day was awful!

  4. I love what a color adventure spinning is, watching you go. This whole post makes me think of cotton candy. Don't the Brits call it spun sugar?